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Types of Workers Needed in the UK

By: Louise Smith, barrister - Updated: 26 Dec 2020 | comments*Discuss
Types Of Workers Needed In The Uk

Immigrants have always come to the UK to find work. Many foreign nationals will need a visa before they can work in the UK and, depending on the type of work to be undertaken, they may also need a job offer or sponsor before they can get a work visa. In recent years more foreign nationals have become entitled to work in the UK without a visa because they come from a country which is a member of the European Union or the European Economic Area.

A growing number of UK employers now look overseas to fill perceived gaps in the labour market. Some UK industries suffer from a lack of UK citizens qualified to work in those jobs and must, therefore, look to foreign and migrant workers in order to survive.

Workers from the European Economic Area generally have the same rights to work in the UK as UK citizens. However, there can be difficulties if an employer chooses to recruit from the rest of the world. Some foreign workers will accept lower wages than European or UK workers. Whilst it is accepted that foreign workers may be needed in some industries there can be a concern that foreign workers are sometimes recruited purely because they are cheaper than UK workers.

In addition to the need to fill gaps in the labour market many employers feel that foreign or migrant workers can make a positive contribution to the industry in which they work and also to the wider community.

Jobs Listed by the Migration Advisory Committee as Requiring Overseas Recruitment

A recent report by the Migration Advisory Committee of the Home Office set out categories of jobs which it considers should be filled from outside Europe. The report has caused some controversy and many of its conclusions have been criticised as being short-sighted or unrealistic.

The Committee drew up a list of specific jobs which it believes merit recruitment from outside Europe. Examples of jobs listed include:

  • Tier 1 Workers – construction managers; civil engineers and chemical engineers.
  • Tier 2 Workers – some categories of doctors and dentists; veterinary surgeons; maths and science school teachers; some categories of nurse; skilled senior care workers; skilled chefs; and, skilled sheep-shearers.

Construction in the UK

The construction industry has a history of recruiting from outside of the UK and, although the Migration Advisory Committee did not list this as a major shortage area, it is likely that this area of recruitment will continue. Despite the threat of recession leading to some cutbacks in construction other major projects will continue regardless of the wider economic climate. The 2012 London Olympics, for example, requires a major programme of construction to be completed on time. It is anticipated that migrant workers will be needed to ensure that works are completed on schedule.

Unskilled Jobs, Seasonal and Casual Work in the UK

Another area where migrant works have traditionally formed a significant proportion of the work force is unskilled labour and seasonal or casual work. The wages paid for this kind of work are often lower than a UK worker would consider acceptable. Every year many migrant workers come to the UK to pick fruit, to work in unskilled factory jobs or to harvest seafood. As well as low wages the working conditions for these jobs are often hard and uncomfortable - many UK citizens simply do not want to do them.

Healthcare Industry

Junior nurses and junior care home workers receive low wages relative to the stresses and difficulties of their jobs. Migrant workers may find the lower wages more acceptable as they may be higher than would be paid in their home country. In addition hospitals in both the National Health Service and the private sector have struggled to fill staff posts from UK and European candidates alone.

Service Industries

Hotels, bars, restaurants, transport and taxi companies all recruit widely from migrant workers. Not only may there be a shortage of UK or European candidates for these jobs, and for those in the categories listed above, but foreign workers are often believed to have a better attitude to work than their UK counterparts.

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I am from India and have skilled work experience along with educational background of B. Com. How can I get job offer from a Co. Or sponsor from u. K. As I am interested to work in United Kingdom.
Tabrez - 26-Dec-20 @ 10:42 PM
I am an experienced project management and business development professional in Nigeria with experience in major sectos such as Software Development, Telecommunication, and Infrastructure Consultancy. I will love to work in the UK
Q3 - 16-Nov-20 @ 11:55 AM
I have experience in caregiver for 4 yearsand office administratior 6years. I would love to work in a different country.
Faith - 5-Nov-20 @ 1:56 PM
I am from India, Shillong. My dream is to work in the UK because I have been working with their Company since 2010 till date but the pay I too low here. I worked with British gas and Barclays Bank. Am looking any job that can help my life achieve and able to support our family in a better way. I am even interested in Carer job as I can do great body therapy for the back pain fracture and healing the veins. As stroke and disability is due to veins no medicine can cure except therapy. I would like to be the blessing for the people suffer from depression and mental affected. I hope you can consider me. Thank you.
Maggi - 12-Sep-20 @ 12:54 PM
Am a former kenya armed forces officer with 4 years experience in military and 6 years experience in security companies based in Qatar,I would like to work in UK where my experience from military and private security companies can apply.
Dennoh - 4-Sep-20 @ 12:50 PM
I am a Nigerian lady aged 21 years,looking for a job as an trainee auxiliary nurse.I have some experience working in this field but I have worked in an hospital for a year.
horlar - 1-Aug-20 @ 11:10 AM
I am from Nigerian but currently living in Ghana. Honestly I have been longing to work in England. I have 3 years experience in laundry and dry cleaningand 2 years experience Inmarketingand I canperfectly do well in any of the field
Stance - 27-Jul-20 @ 12:40 PM
I am from Nigerian but currently living in Ghana. Honestly I have been longing to work in England. I have 3 years experience in laundry and dry cleaningand 2 years experience Inmarketingand I can perfectly well in any of the field
Stance - 27-Jul-20 @ 12:37 PM
Can a Nigerian graduate of 39years age get work in UK
Som4God - 29-Jun-20 @ 9:08 PM
I am in Kenya how can get a job in UK or study
makori - 8-Jun-20 @ 9:14 AM
hello sir I would like to work in UK as a cleaner or a maid am from Uganda and I have alot of experience in cleaning have been working as a cleaner in different homes in my country will be gland if I get that job
shina - 26-May-20 @ 8:18 AM
I am a Motswana lady aged 38,looking for a job as a care giver. I have no experience working in this field but I have stayed with my grandparent for many years.
Agartha - 26-May-20 @ 1:00 AM
What about marketing executive or any marketing or sales related job? i got an offer from a uni in uk for my masters, but i'm unsure because i don't want to return to my country.
red millers - 11-May-20 @ 3:35 PM
I am a young lady aged 24 i would like to come and work in Uk i am a holder of till operation and merchandising certificate and also i have 2 yearsexperiencei also have 3 years experience of housemaid i would like to come and do any general work. I hope my request will be considered and i look forward to hear from you . Thank you
Nonei - 17-Apr-20 @ 11:34 PM
Hi, I would like any job in the UK however hard it is. I just want to be with my girlfriend. I’m from Albania and I have been in a relationship with my British girlfriend for 2 years and more now. We have tried everything the right way. I have worked in multiple jobs that require multiple skills and have a CV detailing all of my experiences. Is there anywhere I need to go as in a website or agency that can find me a work as an unskilled person so I can live in the UK with my girlfriend and also work at the same time.
Barjam - 20-Mar-20 @ 3:05 PM
Hello I want to ask can a USA citizen move permanently to live in England and become a UK citizen? Does the outrageous 70 point system also apply to a USA citizen that doesn’t earn 25,000 pounds a year?? Please answer. Is there other alternatives?
JD - 24-Feb-20 @ 4:23 AM
Hello there, Marina is my name and a Zambian national but currently working in Turkey as a childminder. I have 10 years experience in the same field and can look after the elderly as well. I have worked for American and South African families before. Thus, I can assure you that you will never regret about finding me a job placement in the UK and I'm ready to work at any time the job may require. I'll be very grateful if my request is considered. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely Yours, Marina.
Phyllis - 20-Feb-20 @ 9:22 PM
Hello I have work in a flower garden farm for years. I have also aquired knowledge experience driving truck. I will like to work in uk Thank you.
Kingsley Okodogbe - 19-Feb-20 @ 7:50 PM
Hello sir I am tailor master from India and my experience is 20 years in coat jacket trousers shirt cutting and stitching and all types of alterations. And I work in Europe a few month any requirements for cutting and stitching please contact me thanks.
Kimti lal - 19-Feb-20 @ 8:33 AM
Hi, I am a intermediate life support paramedic. And I am really interested to work in the United Kingdom.
Mimi - 17-Feb-20 @ 12:38 PM
I am from Kenya country interested for a job opportunitypromising and hardworking with minimal supervision
makori - 14-Feb-20 @ 7:59 AM
In the name of Jesus Christ please I ask that you take me In any unskilled work
Sammy - 12-Jan-20 @ 5:24 AM
Hey am from Uganda and interested to work in the UK this year 2020 provided I have the skills and can do any work
Ninah - 11-Jan-20 @ 11:24 AM
Though am a graduate, am indicating my interest to work in any capacity in the UK - be it a white collar or menial/unskilI factory work. However, I will be glad to provide you with details of my skills/work experience here in Nigeria. Give me a trial and you will be convinced.
Sam - 9-Jan-20 @ 9:18 PM
Iam a Nigerian , my prayer for 2020 is to find my level out of Nigeria for greener pasture in UK but dont know how to go about it , another hiccup is to secure job on my arrival, though im a graduate but not minding the menial work in UK, provided i will get my daily pay.thank you. pls , what is the way out
mayor - 9-Jan-20 @ 9:56 AM
Am a Kenyan and It's my dream come true for me to work in the United kingdom. Kindly grant me a chance to work in any category
Immah - 7-Jan-20 @ 11:35 PM
I am Iyappan janakiraman from India but presently working in Dubai as Site Engineer in Construction field. I have a 4 years experience in the same field. Can i have a any job vacancy in London.
Iyaps - 3-Jan-20 @ 11:15 PM
i am Nigerian, presently in Nigeria.35 years of age. I am interested to work in UK as unskilled worker.
Nice pastor - 16-Dec-19 @ 12:58 PM
I am interested in Europe jobs for better environment.
Hobie Uganda - 4-Dec-19 @ 10:35 AM
I am a 24 year old,hard working Zimbabwean,I speak good English and I recently completed my degree in South Africa.I would do any job in the UK from being a secretary,nanny,looking after elders,cooking, cleaning,paralegal . Thank you
Zandy - 15-Nov-19 @ 9:04 AM
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