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Applying for UK Travel Documents

By: Louise Smith, barrister - Updated: 25 Apr 2017 | comments*Discuss
Applying For Uk Travel Documents

UK residents who do not have a passport – or who cannot use their passport for travel – may apply for UK travel documents to enable them to pass through international borders. There are a number of different UK travel documents – to be eligible for most of them UK residents will have to have permission to be in the UK for at least six months.

Different Types of Travel Documents

There are four different types of UK travel documents for which UK residents may apply:
  • Convention travel document – for use by refugees;
  • Stateless person’s document;
  • A one-way document – the IS 137;
  • A certificate of travel.

Applying for UK Travel Documents

Applications are made to the UK Border Agency using form TD 112. The UK Border Agency states that it is its aim to process 70% of applications within four weeks. However, applications could take much longer than this and applicants are told not to contact the Agency to enquire about an application unless 14 weeks have passed since the application was sent in. Applications for replacement travel documents can take a long time because the UK Border Agency may have to make extensive enquiries into the circumstances surrounding the application.

Applications for children must be made on a separate form. Children under the age of 16 may apply for a children’s travel document which attracts a lower application fee.

A fee must be paid for all applications. The adult fee for a certificate of travel is £210 and the child fee is £130. For the three other travel documents the adult fee is £72 and the child fee is £46. In most cases the same fee will have to be paid in order to replace a lost or stolen travel document.

Convention Travel Document

This document is for use by UK residents who have official refugee status in accordance with the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. A UK resident who can show that they are in the UK with permission and have refugee status will almost certainly be provided with a Convention travel document unless to do so would pose a threat to national security in the UK.

Convention travel documents are valid for 10 years in the case of permanent residents and up to five years for temporary residents depending on the length of time they are permitted to stay in the UK.

Stateless Person’s Document

This document is for use by people who are officially recognised as stateless under the terms of the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons. Applicants in this category will have to support their application with evidence confirming that they are stateless. A stateless person is someone who is recognised as not having the rights and obligations of a national of any country.

Stateless person’s documents are valid for 10 years when provided to permanent residents and up to five years in the case of temporary residents.

One-way Document

As its name suggests this document is only for use by people permanently leaving the UK and is only valid for one journey.

Certificate of Travel

The certificate of travel is the new name for the document previously known as a certificate of identity. This document is for use by UK residents who are neither refugees nor stateless but whose own countries have officially, and unreasonably, refused to provide them with a passport. Not all countries recognise certificates of travel and they cannot be used for travel to the holder’s own country.

Certificates of travel are usually valid for five years for permanent residents. For temporary residents the validity of the certificate of travel will match the length of time for which they have permission to remain in the UK.

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Hi anyone, My partner has a convention travel document/titre de voyage valid for 10years. We are due to be travelling to Guadeloupe (French Caribbean overseas) this coming Monday 1rst May 2017 and he is a bit worried that he gets refused short stay when he arrives in Guadeloupe. I've explained to him that Guadeloupe is a French overseas department and it is part of the European Union so he will be okey just with his convention travel document. We've been to Paris last November without a problem but he is still worried. Could anyone confirm ? Thank you very much.
Marina.123 - 25-Apr-17 @ 11:23 AM
Please I have 5 yearsleaveto remain in the uk refugee status. My church want to deligate me to go Togo for a program. Since I am from Ghana, I just want to know if I will be allow to go because of my status. Also do i have to apply for a travel document. thanks.
Solace - 8-Apr-17 @ 1:20 PM
Hi i have indefinately leave to remain with my certificate of travel can i travel with that certificate to paris or Belgium?
Nd - 3-Apr-17 @ 8:32 PM
My husband has ilr n now he got certificate of travel.I would like to know in which countries he can travel without a visa. Or does he need to apply visa for every country.
Megs - 3-Apr-17 @ 5:10 PM
I got visa 5 years EEA family member . I applied for certificate of travel which is black passport and this was on 15.01.2017 At same date they take the money from my account. After 2 weeks they send me a letter say go to the post office to take my fingerprint and my foto.I did that. At 30.03.2017 they send me all my docements and a letter say I got refuse. I am from Syria I can't got Syrian passport from my country. And I have been here for more than 3 years.I can't travel outside of the UK. Please any one can help me about this problem or any way to got travel document. Thank you
Bahaa - 30-Mar-17 @ 11:01 PM
What is the immigration status of a child born in the UK after their parents obtained refugee status? Both parents have limited leave to remain in the UK as a refugee and the child was born after the grant of refugee status. Can the parents make a travel document application to their child? Or should there be an application for leave to remain first? if so, which form should they need to use? Yours faithfully,
Rana - 30-Mar-17 @ 2:22 PM
I applied for convintion travel document online, paid online which I got a confirmation email and sent all supporting docs by special delivery which is delivered on 21 of Feb. but I didn't heard from UKVI since then, no letters or references. Could you please advice me how to communicate travel document office?
Yas - 29-Mar-17 @ 4:25 PM
I had discretionaryleave to remain and it expired in 2007and I submittedfor an application for an extension leave to remain it has been refusedin 2015 nowmy case is with in emigrationjudge to decidecan I be able to travel to any country
Abdi - 12-Mar-17 @ 8:29 PM
I have my indefinite leave to remain in my old passport and apply for my new passport which when I am travelling I use both passport . Would with the new law coming in I maybe would have to get my biometric card to travel or its ok for me to still travel with my two passport thank you .
Chin - 11-Mar-17 @ 10:04 PM
Uk travel documents need the visa for EU
Ana - 11-Mar-17 @ 9:37 PM
hi i have indefinate leave to remain (refugee) i want to travel with my travel documents but i checked with so many embassy website .its not clear whether they accept it or not i am so confused because i traveled to uae but they refused my visa or entry
saima - 5-Mar-17 @ 12:12 PM
My travel document expires in May 2017 after 5 yrs how long before can i apply for my indefinite leave to remain? I need to travel to Turkey in March 2017. What should i do!?
Ati - 27-Feb-17 @ 9:38 PM
Mohamed - Your Question:
I have indefinite leave to remain in United Kingdom can I apply for emergency travel documents Thank

Our Response:
You can apply for a document to travel outside the UK if you’re not British and can’t use or get a passport from your country. Please see link here.
AboutImmigration - 27-Feb-17 @ 12:57 PM
I have indefinite leave to remain in United Kingdom can I apply for emergency travel documents Thank
Mohamed - 26-Feb-17 @ 8:51 PM
I have a uk travel document black passport travel document and I'm wondering if I need a visa to travel to Rome for4 days
Dave - 24-Feb-17 @ 9:38 AM
Hi! I was hoping you could help me as I can't find the answer to my question on the UK gov website. My husband is a Portuguese national living in the Uk for three years now. I am a Mexican national living in the UK with a 'spouse of EU national' residence permit. Our son was born in the UK three months ago, and we want to travel in the summer. However, the Portuguese consulate said that the whole process to get the baby a Portuguese passport might tale up to 8 months. We wondered if he would be able to travel on a Mexican passport and return to the UK with no problems. Which of the baby's documents do we need to show in the border? We don't know how it works to leave and return to the UK with a baby that is not a British citizen. Many thanks
MM - 23-Feb-17 @ 1:30 PM
Omar - Your Question:
I indefinite leave to remain I want travel to abroad for emergency do I get travel document next week

Our Response:
Please see gov.uk link here which should help you further.
AboutImmigration - 23-Feb-17 @ 9:50 AM
I indefinite leave to remain I want travel to abroad for emergency do I get travel document next week
Omar - 22-Feb-17 @ 12:39 PM
Hi .i have travel dacument but it will b expaired frist of the jun 2017 . I have trip end of march 2017 with my friends and very worry . many country for travel they asked about how long travel dacument will b expaired? I dont know what can i do? Thanks M
Milad - 18-Feb-17 @ 6:31 PM
How long does takes to get receive your travel document
Noshin - 12-Feb-17 @ 10:45 PM
I am a refugee in the UK and applying for a travel document, my question is 1) how long I can stay outside the UK ? 2) What Official Papers I need to take with me apart from my Travel Document 3) What I will be asked for upon my arrival back to the UK 4) Will the duration stayed outside the UK affect my refugee statue or even if I need to apply for ILR later on Thank you
TBAIRAH - 7-Feb-17 @ 11:42 PM
I applied to a travel document ,have you received my apolicat ion FORM
Abulkozam - 30-Jan-17 @ 1:47 PM
Can i travel with expired travel documents or can apply for that because my 5 years visa will be expired next 3 months Tnx.
Ali - 23-Jan-17 @ 10:22 PM
Hi.I lost convention travel document in uk can i report it online to home office?
Mori - 12-Jan-17 @ 5:17 PM
recently i got bio-metric and i want to travel to EU and which travel do I have to apply for? Is it Convention Travel Document? & thank you in advance! please reply
Lucky - 9-Jan-17 @ 4:17 PM
I have indefinite leave to remain that we got when me and my siblings came to reunite with my mum who was a refugee . I have a biometric card that I use as an ID , I was wondering if I can travel with it . If not which passport can I apply for and how much will it cost me. My siblings are all in university but struggling to get help from student finance as thier passports expired do they need a biometric card to apply for a travel document to use for ID .
Bee - 9-Jan-17 @ 2:28 PM
I have ( ILR ) refugee state and I applied for travel certificate but later I realised that I should applied for convention travel document . My question: Should I contact them or automatically convention travel document will be issued for me . Please anyone help
Taher - 11-Dec-16 @ 9:20 PM
I am travel documentholder. anybody know visa processing time for prement residency. (after 5 years). Is there any issue with srilanka!!!!
Raj - 10-Dec-16 @ 1:33 PM
Hi every one. actually me and my wife are refugee and we have permison leave to remain, our baby was born a few month ago and we decide to get travel document for him, but we don't have any information about how to get first baby taravel document and the cost of it. If any body have information about that please tell us . thanks
farshid - 7-Dec-16 @ 11:03 PM
Can you please tell me the list of visa free countries for refugee travel document holder.
Adi - 16-Nov-16 @ 7:32 PM
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