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Applying for UK Travel Documents

By: Louise Smith, barrister - Updated: 15 Apr 2019 | comments*Discuss
Applying For Uk Travel Documents

UK residents who do not have a passport – or who cannot use their passport for travel – may apply for UK travel documents to enable them to pass through international borders. There are a number of different UK travel documents – to be eligible for most of them UK residents will have to have permission to be in the UK for at least six months.

Different Types of Travel Documents

There are four different types of UK travel documents for which UK residents may apply:
  • Convention travel document – for use by refugees;
  • Stateless person’s document;
  • A one-way document – the IS 137;
  • A certificate of travel.

Applying for UK Travel Documents

Applications are made to the UK Border Agency using form TD 112. The UK Border Agency states that it is its aim to process 70% of applications within four weeks. However, applications could take much longer than this and applicants are told not to contact the Agency to enquire about an application unless 14 weeks have passed since the application was sent in. Applications for replacement travel documents can take a long time because the UK Border Agency may have to make extensive enquiries into the circumstances surrounding the application.

Applications for children must be made on a separate form. Children under the age of 16 may apply for a children’s travel document which attracts a lower application fee.

A fee must be paid for all applications. The adult fee for a certificate of travel is £210 and the child fee is £130. For the three other travel documents the adult fee is £72 and the child fee is £46. In most cases the same fee will have to be paid in order to replace a lost or stolen travel document.

Convention Travel Document

This document is for use by UK residents who have official refugee status in accordance with the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. A UK resident who can show that they are in the UK with permission and have refugee status will almost certainly be provided with a Convention travel document unless to do so would pose a threat to national security in the UK.

Convention travel documents are valid for 10 years in the case of permanent residents and up to five years for temporary residents depending on the length of time they are permitted to stay in the UK.

Stateless Person’s Document

This document is for use by people who are officially recognised as stateless under the terms of the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons. Applicants in this category will have to support their application with evidence confirming that they are stateless. A stateless person is someone who is recognised as not having the rights and obligations of a national of any country.

Stateless person’s documents are valid for 10 years when provided to permanent residents and up to five years in the case of temporary residents.

One-way Document

As its name suggests this document is only for use by people permanently leaving the UK and is only valid for one journey.

Certificate of Travel

The certificate of travel is the new name for the document previously known as a certificate of identity. This document is for use by UK residents who are neither refugees nor stateless but whose own countries have officially, and unreasonably, refused to provide them with a passport. Not all countries recognise certificates of travel and they cannot be used for travel to the holder’s own country.

Certificates of travel are usually valid for five years for permanent residents. For temporary residents the validity of the certificate of travel will match the length of time for which they have permission to remain in the UK.

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I applied for a 1951 convention travel document on 13 FEB 19 online. Application send by post and received on 20 FEB 19. Nothing arrived till now and no acknowledgement letter. Is it normal to wait that long? And what about that target of %70 of applications to be processed in one month. Now sadly I am going to miss attending an important conference!
Saal - 15-Apr-19 @ 1:40 AM
Hi, l have refugee status and applied for a travel document. My 14 weeks is up and l have not received letter of confirmation that the office has received my application and documents. I completed thr process on line and then forwarded my application and particulars the next day. I only got an email confirming receipt of payment fee which was £75 and nothing confirming receipt of my particulars.How long do l still have to wait as lm worried that l may have posted them to the wrong department. Please help me. I know in guidance letter it states that l must not enquire but wait till 14 week period is up. Please help a stressed soul , thank you. Patience
Pat - 3-Apr-19 @ 12:29 PM
I have applied for a biometric and travel document since nov 23,2018.i can’t get my documents.this is my 3rd travel document and first biometric.what can I do?.i have emailed them and called so many times.this is giving me stress as I can’t get a job and pay roll companies are holding all my funds.
Sangar - 14-Mar-19 @ 12:31 PM
Last year I applied for travel document. Home office charge me twice . And then they refused to give me travel document. When I asked them . They said ; That I have palestinian passport . But the problem my passport not allow me to go any where . I'm a disabled man . Who needs to have some medical treatment In Germany I have UK level to inter. Is there anybody can advise me ? Many THANKS
Eid - 12-Mar-19 @ 10:16 PM
Hi I was granted an indefinite leave to remain on a paper on January 2011 . And i cannot get my country new biometric passportnow because I didn't provide all the documents necessary to apply for it a the embassy , so can I apply for a home office certificate of travel ? If yes what document should I provide for to support my application ?How much does it cost ?And how long does it take ? Please , can anyone inform me about it ? Thanks
Samy - 1-Jan-19 @ 9:21 AM
Hi . I wanted to apply for traveldocuments.Please anyonesuggest me which way should I apply for travel documents to get quickly and easily.And how long does it take to get TD.
Md Fayzul - 15-Dec-18 @ 11:05 PM
Hi, I want to apply for a travel document, I already have have a indefinite visa that expires 2021 but I have lived here for almost 9 years Now and still in the same address. If you guys could help me obtain a travel document that would be good and let me know what's required. Thanks Kind regards, Mahfooz Ahmadi
Maz - 28-Nov-18 @ 6:50 AM
Hello I have a indefinite leave to remain refugee settlement and i want to travel which travel documents can i apply wht is the name of the that travel documents many thanks yours sincerely
Fatima - 14-Nov-18 @ 5:01 PM
Hello I haveindefinite leave to remain refugee settlement and i want to travel which travel documents can i apply wht is the name of the that travel documents many thanks yours sincerely
Fatima - 14-Nov-18 @ 4:58 PM
Hi Could you please answer my question! I have afghan passport with indefinite visa (BRP card) my wife has Travel document with indefinite visa (BRP card) We want apply travel document for my new born daughter in UK so what do I need to do first? Should I get (BRP CARD) for my daughter or I can apply with out that ? Just birth certificate?
Sharif - 5-Nov-18 @ 2:56 PM
My wife and children have gotindefinite leave to remain in uk and they want apply for uk travel documents! Can they apply for it with indefinite or they have to apply for BRP first? Can you let me know please
Sha - 25-Oct-18 @ 1:53 PM
Hello How long does a Convention Travel Document take to come out, mine is not expired but I have run out of pages on the current one I have and I am a bit stressed about losing money I have paid for travel and accommodation for December. I have a trip scheduled for this month end and I can only apply for it by first week of November, do you know if there is a chance I would get it by beginning of December?
Nessa - 19-Oct-18 @ 6:30 PM
HI, My case is actually kind of complicated I am stuck in india without a passport and I am a british citizen I came here with my parents when I was 16 and they left me here and took my passport but I got in touch with the British embassy in india and they have told me that they will provide me with a travel document soon coz the home office is still.carrying out soem enquiries it's been over 6 months since I made the application still haven't got it yet. I am now living in india with other relatives so can someone please tell me how long such processes take to get a travel document
Ellabella - 28-Sep-18 @ 8:00 AM
Hi my name is Ronak,I have refugee visa,and I want to travel to Thailand,can I travel with my Indian passport???pls advise my,much appreciate.
Ronak - 14-Sep-18 @ 9:44 PM
I have applid to renew my travel document passport since 22nd of Jun 2018 and the home office send me letter that they have been received the application and received the fees as well but untill now 12th of September 2018 I did not receive my travel document. Any help ? Best regards
Mj - 12-Sep-18 @ 12:58 AM
I applied for indefinite leave to remain over one and half years ago but the home office have still not given their decision. I lost a family member so had to travel outside the UK urgently. Ineed to travel back but the home office has still not given their decision. Will the home office cancel my application if l phone from outside the UK asking about progress on my application?
Rose - 9-Sep-18 @ 12:47 AM
@Linda-rose - You will need to apply for an Emergency Travel Document from the Zimbabwean Embassy.
TJ. - 3-Sep-18 @ 1:16 PM
Hello, my name is Linda and I am in need of advice. I cam to the uk 2002 when I was 12 and I now hold a settled visa. The problem I now have is, I need to travel abroad for a friends wedding. My old Zimbabwean passport expired and I do not have enough money or time to apply for a citizenship/British passport. The Zimbabwean uk embassy cannot grant me a renewal passport as I will need to go back to Zimbabwe to apply for a Zimbabwean i.d which I should have applied for when I was 16. But since I had moved here there was no need. I am unable to travel to Zimbabwe because all my families are living abroad now. Will I be able to be granted a travel document here in the uk instead under these conditions?
Linda-rose - 3-Sep-18 @ 9:52 AM
I wanted to apply for my travel document but I've recently been arrested for driving a car without an insurance would that affect my application.
RB - 3-Sep-18 @ 4:20 AM
@Pasang Lhamao - unless you have claimed asylum successfully in the UK you cannot apply for a UK travel document
TJ. - 23-Aug-18 @ 8:51 PM
I am tibetan,lived in Italy since 1998. I travel with Italiantravel document,which expires in September. I am living in uk since August 2016. Now my questionis, can I apply for uk travel document?Thank you.
Pasang Lhamo - 23-Aug-18 @ 12:07 PM
Hello my name is Natalia Mora my travel document was expired I send 3 months ago and I still waiting I did not receive not letter I don't know what's going on please can you help me
No - 14-Aug-18 @ 1:32 PM
I have my owen country passport can I apply for travel document in UK?
Rovi - 11-Aug-18 @ 11:15 PM
I think some applications are taking less than 3 months. And that's why some of us wonder WHY our applications are taking longer than 5 months. you can take look at some applicants timelines in the immigration boards forum called "Convention Travel Documents application time experience".
AriaNoor22 - 10-Aug-18 @ 1:26 PM
Travel document applications take up to 6 months or more to process
TJ. - 9-Aug-18 @ 6:17 PM
I applied for the home office travel document [TD] (black passport) and they send me an acknowledgment letter stating that they aim to process it within 70 working days (which is around 4 months) and I still did not get TD.I've been following the immigration boards forum where many people share their processing time experiences (you can share yours as well), and it seems that most people received their travel document 3-5 months from the date of the application.
Anna1988 - 9-Aug-18 @ 4:30 PM
I applied for travel document about 5 months ago but still haven’t received nothing yet 9/8/18. But I have been to prison just wondering if that will effect the application? Any1 know anythin. Thanks
K.kapital - 9-Aug-18 @ 2:19 PM
@Skinna - Applications for travel documents usually take 6 months or more to process.
TJ. - 8-Aug-18 @ 3:17 PM
Hi guys been waiting for my travel document and i jave not heard anything. Money has been yaken out of my account. I have no confirmation letter or anythingfrom them . Doee someone here have their contact number.
Skinna - 7-Aug-18 @ 1:34 PM
I did online application for travel document ,just still home office latte didn’t come to me what can i do ? Thanks
Kamo - 30-Jul-18 @ 6:34 PM
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