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Caroline said:
Friday, 1 Sep 2017
Have had a look and am very impressed hw informative your artickes are
Tim said:
Monday, 26 Jun 2017
Interesting and helpful web site...thanks
Vivien said:
Tuesday, 20 Sep 2016
This is a very informative site.
Djehaiche said:
Friday, 6 May 2016
Its so hard to find how to apply for residence in london in the internet to get any information please do care thank you.
Martina said:
Wednesday, 27 Apr 2016
Please. Hello, I am Martina I am Peruvian but I am living in Italy with a foreigner' permit to stay and I want to go in UK. My sister is living there. I would like to know how can I enter legally and stay over there forever Thank you so much
Bashir said:
Sunday, 31 Jan 2016
I am a British citizen that needs it human wrights as soon as possible because my parents took my passport away from me with out notice and they still have and they trick me and now I am in Somaliland so please in need help thank you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Jon said:
Tuesday, 27 Oct 2015
Hi , I read your page , as it is very informative, so I need to check on the regulations of marrying a Filipino in UK , and is the marriage still valid in Philippines , and what steps do I need to do to make this happen..
Geraldo said:
Monday, 1 Dec 2014
Sheena said:
Monday, 27 Oct 2014
I would like to know about extradition . My partner was sent to his home country, Hungary , from the uk . And I am wondering if he is allowed to return after the prison sentence is complete . A solicitor in London said there would be no problem with him returning . I would just like to double check this . Thanks
Ronald said:
Monday, 6 Oct 2014
I would appreciate info. Regarding "Certificate of Approval of marriage. Obtainable from the Home Office. Thank you
Talla said:
Tuesday, 4 Dec 2012
Junaid said:
Monday, 6 Feb 2012
Please keep me updated with immigration. thank you.
Michael said:
Sunday, 27 Feb 2011
I understand there are still ten detention centres operating in the country. Could you please let me have a list and also let me know hoe far the proposal to phase out detention, especially children, has progressed. Thank you. MMcC
Marcel said:
Wednesday, 21 Apr 2010
Yes,very useful site
Tom said:
Friday, 22 Jan 2010
Your web site was a lot of help as it reduces stress from the brain. Thank you for that
Ali said:
Thursday, 31 Dec 2009
I realy appreciate your work.keep good job Thanks
Anonymous said:
Saturday, 5 Dec 2009
Great info thanks
Miguel said:
Monday, 17 Aug 2009
I've found this web site very interesting and definety I will recommend it because of the information we can find in there.
Santha said:
Sunday, 16 Aug 2009
Hi I want to know more about immigration rules. Thank you
Joy said:
Thursday, 13 Aug 2009
The information I have received is very good and interesting so we can make referal.
Behnood said:
Tuesday, 11 Aug 2009
Thanks of your services
Alejandra said:
Thursday, 6 Aug 2009
Hello, I would like receive all information about the inmigration. Really im single at the moment but I will marry soon with my fiancee Sean Mc Combe, he is a britanic citizen and our plan is live toghether in UK. Then I would thanks you all information your can give me. From now, a million thanks all. Bye.
Sumanjeet said:
Sunday, 2 Aug 2009
Thanks a lot
Maria Consuelo said:
Friday, 17 Jul 2009
Many thanks for all the informations and updates regarding immigration matters.We'll done to all the staff.God bless.
Joe said:
Sunday, 7 Jun 2009
Thanks for all the good work. Your website is both attractive and friendly as well as quite informative while remaining easy to understand.
Shahbaz said:
Wednesday, 20 May 2009
Well thanks a lot for the fav n support entended to me in shape of updates.
Zaheer said:
Saturday, 10 Jan 2009
I found this website ver useful. it guided me a lot in my application that was forwarded to uk border agency for my student visa .it provides usful information about all matter regarding uk immigration process.