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UK immigration laws and requirements are changing all the time and it is vital that applicants know exactly what is required before they begin their application. AboutImmigration contains all the relevant information in one place to ensure that visa applicants know how to make a successful application, as well as what they can expect - and what is expected of them - when they come to the UK.
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Ask Our Experts: Dual Nationality: How do I apply for my Unborn child?, Can I Apply...
Asylum: Claiming Asylum in the UK, Asylum Seekers and Permission to Work in...
Citizenship: Probationary Citizenship in the UK, The Citizenship Test, The...
Facts & Figures
Facts & Figures: Immigration and Identity Fraud, Policing the UK's Borders, Impact of...
Life in the UK
Life in the UK: The UK's Police Authorities, Changing Patterns in Immigration to the...
Residency: Healthcare for UK Residents, Education for UK Residents, Employment...
UK Visitors
UK Visitors: New Rules for South African Visitors to the UK, E-Borders and Travel...
Workers: Stricter New Rules for Migrant Workers, People Trafficking and the...
Latest Comments
  • Sab
    Re: Marrying a UK Resident
    My boyfriend is a British citizen and I'm from Belgium I moved in the uk 4 months ago and my boyfriend asked me for an engagement , my…
    19 February 2019
  • Daks
    Re: Coming to the UK as an Au Pair
    Hi i just want to ask regarding the amount of funds that you can support yourself during you stay in Uk.There is a family in UK…
    18 February 2019
  • TJ.
    Re: Giving Birth to a Child in the UK
    @Kike - Your child can apply for British citizenship using the MN1 form
    18 February 2019
  • Banduc320
    Re: Giving Birth to a Child in the UK
    Hi I would like to ask about giving birth in Uk. I am holding British Citizenship passport but I live in Hong Kong since…
    17 February 2019
  • Annluv
    Re: Applying for Visas for Extended Family
    Hi my parents italian citizen and living in UK for five years and continously working full time job. They want to…
    17 February 2019
  • kike
    Re: Giving Birth to a Child in the UK
    Hi everyone, We are EU parents living and working in the UK since 2015. We had a child who has born in Edinburgh in 2017. at…
    15 February 2019
  • TJ.
    Re: Marrying a UK Citizen
    @HASHIM - You will have to get married and apply for a free EEA family permit before Brexit.At the moment, legislation allowing civil…
    15 February 2019
  • TJ.
    Re: Will I be Entitled to NHS Treatment?
    @Rana - An individual who holds ILE has the same entitlements as one with ILR
    15 February 2019
  • Rana
    Re: Will I be Entitled to NHS Treatment?
    @TJ Thank you so much for replying. But in my comment I explained that I don’t have ILR. I only have indefinite leave…
    14 February 2019
    Re: Marrying a UK Citizen
    Hi, I am on tier 4 student visa which expires in mid October 2019. I have been in relationship with my gf who is from Spain living in UK…
    14 February 2019
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