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UK immigration laws and requirements are changing all the time and it is vital that applicants know exactly what is required before they begin their application. AboutImmigration contains all the relevant information in one place to ensure that visa applicants know how to make a successful application, as well as what they can expect - and what is expected of them - when they come to the UK.
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Asylum: Claiming Asylum in the UK, Asylum Seekers and Permission to Work in...
Citizenship: Probationary Citizenship in the UK, The Citizenship Test, The...
Facts & Figures
Facts & Figures: Immigration and Identity Fraud, Policing the UK's Borders, Impact of...
Life in the UK
Life in the UK: The UK's Police Authorities, Changing Patterns in Immigration to the...
Residency: Healthcare for UK Residents, Education for UK Residents, Employment...
UK Visitors
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Latest Comments
  • Raj
    Re: Applying for UK Travel Documents
    I applied my travel document 07/02/18 Home office charged my application fees on my debit 09/02/18,I received my BRP card and…
    26 May 2018
  • TJ.
    Re: Applying for a British Passport
    @Andy - Your child is not entitled to a British passport if neither parent was a British citizen at the time of his birth
    25 May 2018
  • cvetce13
    Re: Applying for Visas for Extended Family
    Hi, I am in relationship for 3 years with my boyfriend which is EEA national. We want to start to live together in UK…
    24 May 2018
  • steve
    Re: Marrying a UK Resident
    I'm a UK resident I've been with my boyfriend for 6 months he lives in brazil how do I go about getting him here to live in uk
    24 May 2018
  • Andy
    Re: Applying for a British Passport
    My child who is now an adult was born in England in 1997 to Nigerian parents. After one year we returned back to Nigeria. Is…
    24 May 2018
  • AboutImmigration
    Re: Marrying a UK Citizen
    kaz - Your Question:I recently got married, I am a British Citizen and my wife has a Pakistani passport but has been living in the UK for…
    24 May 2018
  • AboutImmigration
    Re: UK Policies on Illegal Immigrants
    Harry - Your Question:I was an overstayer in uk by the year of 2016. So I caught by home office and meant leave the country…
    24 May 2018
  • AboutImmigration
    Re: UK Immigration Rules: Visas and Overstayers
    Manu - Your Question:Hi, I was overstayed in uk. It was before 2010. I left uk sept 2010 voluntary. I gone to…
    24 May 2018
  • AboutImmigration
    Re: Marrying a UK Citizen
    G - Your Question:As previously asked with no response returned:Hi, I am a male British citizen currently completing my studies to become a…
    24 May 2018
  • AboutImmigration
    Re: Marrying a UK Resident
    Lauren Calvert - Your Question:I am a British citizen and am engaged to an Ivorian man he has recently served a 12 month sentence and is…
    24 May 2018
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