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UK immigration laws and requirements are changing all the time and it is vital that applicants know exactly what is required before they begin their application. AboutImmigration contains all the relevant information in one place to ensure that visa applicants know how to make a successful application, as well as what they can expect - and what is expected of them - when they come to the UK.
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Ask Our Experts: Dual Nationality: How do I apply for my Unborn child?, Can I Apply...
Asylum: Claiming Asylum in the UK, Asylum Seekers and Permission to Work in...
Citizenship: Probationary Citizenship in the UK, The Citizenship Test, The...
Facts & Figures
Facts & Figures: Immigration and Identity Fraud, Policing the UK's Borders, Impact of...
Life in the UK
Life in the UK: The UK's Police Authorities, Changing Patterns in Immigration to the...
Residency: Healthcare for UK Residents, Education for UK Residents, Employment...
UK Visitors
UK Visitors: New Rules for South African Visitors to the UK, E-Borders and Travel...
Workers: Stricter New Rules for Migrant Workers, People Trafficking and the...
Latest Comments
  • Viv
    Re: Dual Nationality
    Hi, I have both hong Kong passport and British National Overseas passport. I got two visas granted when I applied with the HK one in the past.…
    26 April 2018
  • Rex
    Re: Step-by-step Guide to Acquiring Citizenship
    What are the potential barriers of becoming a British citizen.
    25 April 2018
  • nosh
    Re: Registering a Child as a UK Citizen or National
    my brother is british and he was married in Pakistan he has a son who is six is he classed as British he…
    25 April 2018
  • trinityxx
    Re: Can I Apply for UK Residence?
    @TJ - also, I was under the understanding that as USA is a country on the UK's designated country list.that the US adoption…
    25 April 2018
  • trinityxx
    Re: Can I Apply for UK Residence?
    Hi @TJ - thank you so much for clarifying that but please could you explain how I would go about obtaining UK adoption orders…
    25 April 2018
  • Shelly
    Re: Deportation from the UK
    Hi, I need advice in regards to my child's father in regards to his deportation order, i had previously written a letter in support of…
    25 April 2018
  • TJ.
    Re: Can I Apply for UK Residence?
    @trinity - Because you did not adopt the children in the UK, the UK Home Office will recognise them as international adoptions.…
    25 April 2018
  • TJ.
    Re: Marrying a UK Citizen
    @Paul - To get married in the UK she will need to apply for a marriage visitor visa before arrival to the UK. When she intends to relocate…
    25 April 2018
  • TJ.
    Re: Registering a Child as a UK Citizen or National
    @Aisha - Your father can apply for her British passport in Bangladesh through the High Commission.
    25 April 2018
  • trinityxx
    Re: Applying for UK Citizenship
    (prev posted in residency by mistake) Hi seeking advice I am British citizen living in US (for 4 years).I am married to an american…
    25 April 2018
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